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What Creativity NEXT Is All About

With today’s complex world, it’s not easy for today’s students to visualize where their interests and talents could lead them in the future.  If you are a student learning music, drawing, dancing, drama, or any type of creative outlet, how do you know your skills in the arts will be useful in the future  – other than leading to an obvious job like an arts teacher or musician?


What if you want to be a scientist, engineer, developer, or in business? Yes, that too.


We are so certain that developing a creative mind changes your world, no matter what you do, today or tomorrow, that we have created an event for Portland area students and families that tells compelling stories on what a creative mind can look like. Entertaining and inspiring.


CREATIVITY NEXT is the cornerstone event hosted by a volunteer-led non-profit 501(c)3 Wilson Area Arts Council. Info at wilsonarts.org

Events in 2016 and 2017

Our past events were held at Wilson High School in SW Portland.  We had short presentations, a couple of performances and one break.  During the break and at the end, students had the opportunity to chat with speakers. And for both years we had Salt and Straw ice-cream at the end!

Cost: $10 per student, $20 for adults. Proceeds, after event costs, go each year to supporting our future events and also arts education.  


Interested in volunteering? Contact us at team@creativitynext.com


2017 Sponsors

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